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Waxing Benefits At One Salon

Ever wished there was a less painful, more conveniently priced solution to get rid of body hair? Look no more! Face and body waxing offers more benefits then you’d ever imagine. The more you wax, the less hair you will grow. You will notice these results just after your first wax! The hair will grow thinner and thinner the more consistent you wax. Shaving will reverse this cycle, which is why consistency is key.  We offer both soft wax and hard wax. Hard wax only adheres to the hair, rather than adhering to the skin and hair. I always use this on my clients with more sensitive skin. Soft wax is also amazing because it exfoliates your skin, taking all the dead skin cells and dirt, as well as the unwanted hair! Whether it’s a leg, arm, underarm, bikini, Brazilian wax, or any other desired areas- the results are guaranteed. 

I’m currently offering a number of waxing deals- 

•A full leg wax will receive a complementary bikini wax. 

•Get a Brazilian and receive a complementary brow wax. 

•Refer a friend and get a complementary brow wax. 

•Get 3+ waxes and receive $15 off on your total. 

To book your appointment with me today, please contact my direct number. 


Amanda Trumbull (630)-808-4427

Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist 

One Salon & Bridal Company 

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Brow Waxing At The One Salon


Everyone’s brows have the potential to be perfect, it all depends on who you go to! Our licensed Estheticians will give you the brow shape you’ve always dreamed of. With absolutely no breakouts, ingrowns, or irritation. We choose our wax specifically according to your skin sensitivity and hair type, insuring a flawless application. Results last as long as two weeks before coming in to get retouched! Our prices just dropped to a reasonable $15 for a brow wax. Nothing is better! We apply an antiseptic prep to insure a clean start following the waxing. If any redness, which is normal, we always give you the option to have us apply fresh aloe to the waxed areas. With our prices dropping and constant monthly deals, we insure a quality service for a convenient price. Book your appointment with us today!

See You Soon,

-Amanda Trumbull (630)-808-4427 Esthetician & Makeup Artist

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