Hi-Def MakeUp

Hi-Def Makeup

Today’s Photographers and Videographers use High Resolution Cameras up to 1080P and Blu Ray Video Cameras. Hi-Def Makeup provides you with Wedding memories of the highest quality detail in every video frame and photo.


High Def makeup gives the appearance of no visible makeup and flawless skin that high res cameras normally catch. At One Bridal Company, we use makeup that enhances your own beauty with colors that occur naturally in your skin.

Airbrush Makeup is perfect for a natural, flawless finish. The Airbrush sprays tiny dots, or pixels of makeup at a low psi through a customized compressor.

Going on it feels like a whisper of air. It dries on contact with the skin & is water resistant. A bride’s own skin tone comes through, giving a natural appearance.

Airbrush makeup will last all day. It creates a flawless look, blends beautifully & feels like you’re not wearing any makeup at all.