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How to Apply Eye Cream

Did you know that the skin around the eye is much thinner and has less oil glands than the rest of the face? The elastin and collagen breaks down faster than in other areas, and there are approximately 22 muscles working any time you make an expression. This constant activity creates creases earlier than on other parts of the face. Because the skin is thinner and drier it is more susceptible to dehydration and irritation. Even the salt in tears can dry out skin if you shed them enough.

Treat this delicate area with the gentleness it deserves. Any time you are touching the contour around the eyes, use a light touch. Over time, tugging, rubbing and excess pressure on this skin will contribute to the problems you want to prevent.

When removing makeup use an appropriate eye makeup remover that dissolves makeup thoroughly without having to rub. Always remove eye makeup before bedtime and apply a product designed especially for the eyes like an eye cream or eye serum.

With your eye cream, apply a portion smaller than a pea to the back of the hand and then to the ring fingers of both hands, so there is an equal amount for each eye. Moving from the outside of the eye inward, lightly pat the product onto the skin staying on the orbit bone. This may seem counter intuitive, but it is beneficial because you are moving in the correct direction recommended for massage, the insertion of the muscle to the origin.

If your eye cream comes in a jar, like Cyto-luxe Eye Cream, use a spatula or cotton swab to get it out, or take the plastic insert on top and use it as a scoop. Don’t dip your fingers in the jar as the bacteria from your fingertips can break down the cream over time.

extracted from glo beauty blog by Kristin Cristiano


Pai Shau at One Salon

Pai-Shau currently has eight products in their Luxury Haircare collection. They will soon ass three more. Though they have a few other products in development, they plan to keep Pai-Shau a very focused, non-repetitive brand. Stylists tell them they appreciate a boutique brand that uses multi-functional formulations. Each Pai-Shau product is categorized by a beauty ritual, including a Hydrating Ritual, a Design Ritual, and an Enhance Ritual. The next hair care ritual they will launch is the Volume Ritual


What is Pai Shau’s Target Market?

Using age-old ingredients with innovative technology to create a luxurious brand-and also vegan, gluten, paraben, and sulfate free- appeals to  much larger user profile than Pai Shau anticipated. It used to be that luxury and vegan were never used in the same sentence to describe a brand. But many customers want to have a luxurious experience and use a clean line at the same time. At Pau Shau, they believe that luxury and environmental/social responsibility don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


Source: American Salon

Pai Shau: A Unique Name for a Unique Brand

Pai Shau believes that they are bigger than themselves and have a substantial philanthropy component in order to give back and encourage everyone to live their lives with passion. To them, the word “luxury” is not based on price, but on creating a memorable user experience. They wanted to speak to the modern consumer whose definition of luxury is more nuanced, and that involves aroma, packaging, textures, and concentrated formulations.


What is the meaning of the name “Pai Shau”?

Pai-Shau is derived from the Portuguese word paixao, which means “passion”. Their “Passion for Life” concept is what sets their brand apart. It’s about inspiring everyone to live life to the fullest and with passion. They are a luxury brand with a heart.


Tea Party: Pai-Shau Luxury Hair Products

Pai-Shau is a luxury hair care line steeped in tea. The concept of Pai-Shau and inspiration behind their Signature Exotic Tea Complex began in Vietnam. There, their founder discovered the benefits of using steeped t3eas in hair during an ancient bathing ritual. This experience led them to the creation of the Signature Exotic Tea Complex-a potent, concentrated blend of proprietary teas rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The properties of the tea complex revitalize, nourish and strengthen the hair. Along with the desire to introduce a new, original concept using teas, they wanted to create a hair care company that was about something bigger than themselves-something that was about more than just what is inside the bottles. This is reflected in their company tagline “Passion for Life” . It’s about their passion for the products, performance, and people.


Spring/Summer Looks of 2016

Spring looks tend to fall into two different camps-the trends you can’t wait to recreate and the ones you can’t stop staring at.

Soft smoky eyes in shades of grey, hazy taupes and bronze, to single swipes of pastel colors juxtaposed with vivid shades of blue and green applied in graphic patterns sum up this seasons’ eye makeup trends.


Attention all Moms!

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Mother’s Day Deal!

Moms, don’t be shy..get what you really want for Mother’s day….

Pampered at One Salon!

Feet-n-face Express, Only $100

Lay down and relax while you enjoy a spa pedicure indulging in reflexology massage and organic polish. Then enjoy a relaxing exfoliating spa facial leaving you with fresh, radiant skin, and beautiful feet. Both treatments are done in resting position, laying down on a massage table.
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