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Waxing Benefits At One Salon

Ever wished there was a less painful, more conveniently priced solution to get rid of body hair? Look no more! Face and body waxing offers more benefits then you’d ever imagine. The more you wax, the less hair you will grow. You will notice these results just after your first wax! The hair will grow thinner and thinner the more consistent you wax. Shaving will reverse this cycle, which is why consistency is key.  We offer both soft wax and hard wax. Hard wax only adheres to the hair, rather than adhering to the skin and hair. I always use this on my clients with more sensitive skin. Soft wax is also amazing because it exfoliates your skin, taking all the dead skin cells and dirt, as well as the unwanted hair! Whether it’s a leg, arm, underarm, bikini, Brazilian wax, or any other desired areas- the results are guaranteed. 

I’m currently offering a number of waxing deals- 

•A full leg wax will receive a complementary bikini wax. 

•Get a Brazilian and receive a complementary brow wax. 

•Refer a friend and get a complementary brow wax. 

•Get 3+ waxes and receive $15 off on your total. 

To book your appointment with me today, please contact my direct number. 


Amanda Trumbull (630)-808-4427

Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist 

One Salon & Bridal Company 

930 W Main Street, Saint Charles 

Facials at One Salon

Is your skin looking dull? Have any skin concerns? Being uncomfortable in your own skin can bring anyone down. Come get that confidence boost you need! Receive a 5 star facial by our licensed Esthetician. Weather your goal is concerning imperfections or simply to just relax, we definitely have a facial for that! Our Esthetician uses manipulating hand movements that feels like a massage the whole time! While also giving you additional benefits such as improved circulation, muscle relaxation, deep tissue penetration, and much more. Chloe’s techniques will literally put you to sleep! 

Our facials are 100% customizable to your skin conditions, concerns, and goals. We have a variety of facials, enzymes, chemical peels, massages, and high tech equipment such as LED light therapy, ultrasound techniques, and much more! The results are endless and you are guaranteed to walk out feeling rejuvenated and more convenient than ever. You will be receiving a high quality treatment at a convenient price, who doesn’t love that?! Come schedule your appointment today with our amazing licensed Esthetician, Chloe. You won’t regret it! Call or text Chloe’s direct number for inquiries or appointment bookings. 

Chloe (224) 216-8156

Licensed Esthetician 

One Salon & Bridal Company 

930 W Main Street, Saint Charles 

Lash Lifts At One Salon

You can still have beautiful lashes without the damage or discomfort!

We have new and improved techniques and product line that gives breath taking results. Our lash lifts are a perfect alternative for lash extensions. You get all the length, lift, and curl with none of the damaging properties lash extensions may cause. Trying to give your lashes a break and grow them out? This is the service for you. With results lasting from 4-6 weeks, you really can’t get anything better! We always pair our lash lift service with a black lash tint making the results even more dramatic. Unlike lash extensions, you can still apply mascara to your lashes following this service. Not to mention you can rub your eyes, meaning you don’t have to take precautions before touching your eyes following this service. It won’t jeopardize the results of the lift at all! People love getting these Lifts before they go on vacation, the pool, or the beach. You don’t have to wear any makeup for your lashes to look amazing! Forget about humid weather and bleeding mascara. Come in and get this amazing service today! 


Amanda Trumbull (630)-808-4427

Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist 

One Salon & Bridal Company 

930 W Main Street, Saint Charles, IL. 

Volume Lash Extentions

Looking For Extra Volume And Length For Your Lashes?

Our Volume Lash Extentions may be everything you’ve ever needed! These are different from the classic Lash Extensions. We create 3D fans with the lashes, giving them demention and shape. If you have sparse, short, dull lashes, you may be the perfect candidate for this service! Anyone who simply wants a little more to their lashes will love this. Our lash fibers are very soft and can look as natural or dramatic as you wish. Your lash style is 100% customized to you and your lash desires! Lash Extentions really take your look to the next level. We love these because even while barefaced, you still look fabulous. With absolutely no effort needed, your lashes will always look amazing. With fills ranging from 2-3 weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle, the maintenance is extremely easy! Just lay back and relax while we transform your look. Our licensed and trained professionals will ensure you beautiful results every time.

See You Soon,

Amanda Trumbull (630)-808-4427 Esthetician & Makeup Artist

The One Salon & Bridal Co | 930 W Main Street, Saint Charles | (630)-587-0111 |

Underarm Waxes Are A Vital Part Of Your Beauty Routine



Let’s be real, you have to shave your underarms every day, even twice a day! By waxing your underarms, the hair becomes immensely thinner and sparse. Your hair growth cycle slows down, resulting with less hair growth than ever! Getting consistent underarm waxes is not only good for your skin, but it also leaves you with amazing results. Absolutely no redness, irritation, bumps, or ingrown hairs. We also offer fresh aloe to sooth any temporary post waxing redness, leaving you with a fresh feeling. Once you receive your first wax, the hair won’t grow back until about two weeks after, leading you to your next waxing appointment! Consistency with these results, and yes that means no shaving in between waxes! This disturbs the hair growth cycle, making it faster and thicker. This service only takes about 10 minutes, and NO there really isn’t any pain! The more you wax, the more tolerable the application will be, eventually leading to almost no harsh pain. This is a life saver ladies! Say goodbye to dark marks and say hello to smooth underarms!

To book your appointment with me, please text or call my direct number.

See You Soon,

Amanda Trumbull (630)-808-4427
Esthetician & Makeup Artist
The One Salon & Bridal Co
930 W Main Street, Saint Charles

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Brow Waxing At The One Salon


Everyone’s brows have the potential to be perfect, it all depends on who you go to! Our licensed Estheticians will give you the brow shape you’ve always dreamed of. With absolutely no breakouts, ingrowns, or irritation. We choose our wax specifically according to your skin sensitivity and hair type, insuring a flawless application. Results last as long as two weeks before coming in to get retouched! Our prices just dropped to a reasonable $15 for a brow wax. Nothing is better! We apply an antiseptic prep to insure a clean start following the waxing. If any redness, which is normal, we always give you the option to have us apply fresh aloe to the waxed areas. With our prices dropping and constant monthly deals, we insure a quality service for a convenient price. Book your appointment with us today!

See You Soon,

-Amanda Trumbull (630)-808-4427 Esthetician & Makeup Artist

The One Salon & Bridal Co | 930 W Main Street, Saint Charles | (630)-587-0111 |

Waxing At The One Salon


My Favorite Fun Facts & Tips About Waxing✨
To start, who has time to shave every day? Not only is it a hassle, but it causes raiser burn, ingrown hairs, and redness. Just from waxing one time you can immediately see the results consisting of less hair growth, patchy hair growth, and thinner hair.
The more consistently you wax, which is every 2-3 weeks, you will notice major results with thinner and less hair. After a long time period your hair may even stop growing in the waxed areas. However, just from shaving once in between waxes, your hair will grow back faster and thicker which interrupts the fast results and consistency!
These waxes give you long term results and it is the best option for your skin. Our Estheticians choose the wax based on your skin sensitivities and concerns, resulting in a flawless application. Not only does this apply to leg waxing, but all body and facial waxing. With new lowered prices and constant monthly deals, nothing can beat this! Come book your appointment today!


Amanda Trumbull Esthetician & Makeup Artist

The One Salon & Bridal Co | 930 W Main Street, Saint Charles | (630)-587-0111

Facials At One Salon


Our facials are all customized to your concerns and goals. Our product line, Glo is amazing because they allow you to customize almost any product! From chemical peels to serums, everything is specifically geared to you! Facials are a crucial part in your skin care routine. Consistently coming in to be pampered by our licensed Esthetician will get you closer and closer to your skin care goals.
First, let’s make one thing clear: Facials aren’t just for the ladies. There are good reasons for guys to get them, too. Also, in order to get everything you desire, always make sure to give our Esthetician a detailed consultation, communication is key!
Our innovative skincare formulas are designed to balance skin type and pair seamlessly with treatment products to target and resolve skin concerns. Our facials provide professional treatments combined with homecare products to deliver transformative results for our clients.
Researched and developed with innovative, active ingredients, our professional products complement our retail products seamlessly, delivering your personalized prescription for healthy, beautiful skin. All of our facials and products are designed with results, especially when paired with our home care products.
Call us today for a free consultation and facial appointment bookings with our amazing licensed Esthetician, Chloe.

See You Soon,
-Amanda Trumbull (Esthetician & Makeup Artist)

The One Salon & Bridal Co. | 930 W Main Street, St. Charles | (630)-587-0111 |

Pai Shau at One Salon

We are extending our line of Pai Shau products. Add intense, weightless moisture to replenish your hair and restore its natural sheen with the hydrating ritual, or achieve big volume without sacrificing moisture and health. Pai Shaus signature exotic tea complex strengthens, repairs, exfoliates, protects, and nourishes your hair and scalp.

Kahuna Bay Airbrush Spraytan at One Salon

Spring is here, but where is your glow!?

The Kahuna Bay Tan spray tanning solutions are made with the finest exotic natural and organic spray tan solutions ingredients that help you achieve a healthy glow. The high quality airbrush tanning solutions range in shade and strength, so we can find the perfect airbrush tan solution for you!
Many of the Kahuna Bay spray tan solutions and airbrush tan solutions contain additional benefits, such as anti-aging properties or a light fragrance. 

Call 6305870111 to schedule today! 


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