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Mother’s Day Deal!

Moms, don’t be shy..get what you really want for Mother’s day….

Pampered at One Salon!

Feet-n-face Express, Only $100

Lay down and relax while you enjoy a spa pedicure indulging in reflexology massage and organic polish. Then enjoy a relaxing exfoliating spa facial leaving you with fresh, radiant skin, and beautiful feet. Both treatments are done in resting position, laying down on a massage table.
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Valid through Mother’s Day!


Introducing Aloxxi Color at One Salon

Inspired by premier Italian fashion and color technology, CHROMA permanent,  creme color creates vibrant, stunning, multi-dimensional hair color with superior grey coverage. A botanical base leaves hair healthy, soft, and with a beautiful, brilliant shine, resulting in consistent, rich, long-lasting color.



Enjoy Stimulator

*A daily leave-in scalp treatment with topical ingredients that help deliver important nutrients which are vital to improving the appearance of fine and thinning hair

*Increase blood flow to the surface of the skin

*Helps prevent seborrhea and DHT production


Enjoy Hair Mask

*An intensive smoothing mask for enriching dry and unruly hair

*Specialized moisturizers and Cetyl Esters seal the hair and smooth damaged cuticle, locking in hair color and leaving behind a smooth, shiny and manageable hair shaft

*Excellent as an add on service under the dryer. Results last up to a week when used with heat

*Rinses out easily and completely without weighing hair down


*Cetyl Esters: Works to smooth and repair damaged hair cuticle

*Keratin Amino Acids” Naturally repairs, strengthens and adds elasticity to hair

*Cetearyl Alcohol: Works to smooth cuticle, soothes and moisturizes the scalp


Enjoy Intensive Reconstructing Spray

*Amino acid reconstructing booster leaves hair amazingly strong and resilient with a healthy vibrant shine

*Positively charged low molecular weight (90-150mw) Keratin Amino Acids will easily penetrate into the cortex, bonding with negatively charged, porous hair sights- repairing the internal structure of the hair shaft

*Enhances chemical services and prevents further damage to hair

*Ideal for all hair types, especially unruly and extremely damaged hair

Key Ingredients

*Cysteine amino acids- works to re-bond the hair shaft, eliminating split ends and breakage

*Tyrosine- amino acid closest to our natural melanin. Works to attract color to hair shaft, leaving color brighter and more vibrant

*Panthenol- Naturally increases the size of the hair shaft. Conditions and repairs cuticle.


Enjoy Clarifying Spray

*A spray-in formula designed to remove impurities in the hair

*Removes debris and coatings from the outer portion of the hair shaft while penetrating into the cortex and medulla, either removing or surrounding any foreign material in a chelating effect

*Great for swimmers, hard-water areas, and medication

*Color safe for all hair types

Key Ingredients

*Disodium EDTA- A chelating ingredient used to reduce minerals

*Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate- Surfactant that lowers waters surface tension and works as a cleansing agent


Enjoy Rejuvenating Volumizing Conditioner

*Stimulate and invigorate the scalp and hair, providing increased circulation for fine and thinning hair

*Closes cuticle layer of the hair giving volume and a thicker, fuller appearance

Key Ingredients

*Menthol- Natural stimulant, balances oil content of hair and scalp

*Aloe Barbadensis-Works as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral for the hair and scalp

*Allantoin- Speeds up cell regeneration, promotes healing effects, and naturally works to soften hair and scalp

*Panthenol- Naturally increases the size of the hair shaft. Conditions and repairs cuticle

*Peppermint Oil- Naturally stimulates, cleanses and detoxifies scalp

*Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium- Naturally derived from the Guar Tree, cationic conditioning agent used to soften hair and scalp.


Sulfate-Free Rejuvenating Volumizing Shampoo

*Rejuvenate and revitalize hair and scalp

*Cleanse, fortify, and enhance volume for fine and thinning hair

*Cleanse sensor technology only foams once the hair is clean and free of build-up, ensuring your choice of conditioners will be most effective

*Color safe and pH stable for fine, thinning hair

Key Ingredients

*Niacin (Vitamin B3)- Increases blood circulation and works as a natural vasodilator

*Tea tree oil- A powerful disinfectant and bactericide

*Eucalyptus Oil- Natural antiseptic, works to increase the flow of blood to scalp tissue

*Peppermint Oil- Naturally stimulates, cleanses, and detoxifies scalp

*Lavender Oil-Natural antiseptic, works as calming solution for the sebaceous gland


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