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Waxing At The One Salon


My Favorite Fun Facts & Tips About Waxing✨
To start, who has time to shave every day? Not only is it a hassle, but it causes raiser burn, ingrown hairs, and redness. Just from waxing one time you can immediately see the results consisting of less hair growth, patchy hair growth, and thinner hair.
The more consistently you wax, which is every 2-3 weeks, you will notice major results with thinner and less hair. After a long time period your hair may even stop growing in the waxed areas. However, just from shaving once in between waxes, your hair will grow back faster and thicker which interrupts the fast results and consistency!
These waxes give you long term results and it is the best option for your skin. Our Estheticians choose the wax based on your skin sensitivities and concerns, resulting in a flawless application. Not only does this apply to leg waxing, but all body and facial waxing. With new lowered prices and constant monthly deals, nothing can beat this! Come book your appointment today!


Amanda Trumbull Esthetician & Makeup Artist

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Facials At One Salon


Our facials are all customized to your concerns and goals. Our product line, Glo is amazing because they allow you to customize almost any product! From chemical peels to serums, everything is specifically geared to you! Facials are a crucial part in your skin care routine. Consistently coming in to be pampered by our licensed Esthetician will get you closer and closer to your skin care goals.
First, let’s make one thing clear: Facials aren’t just for the ladies. There are good reasons for guys to get them, too. Also, in order to get everything you desire, always make sure to give our Esthetician a detailed consultation, communication is key!
Our innovative skincare formulas are designed to balance skin type and pair seamlessly with treatment products to target and resolve skin concerns. Our facials provide professional treatments combined with homecare products to deliver transformative results for our clients.
Researched and developed with innovative, active ingredients, our professional products complement our retail products seamlessly, delivering your personalized prescription for healthy, beautiful skin. All of our facials and products are designed with results, especially when paired with our home care products.
Call us today for a free consultation and facial appointment bookings with our amazing licensed Esthetician, Chloe.

See You Soon,
-Amanda Trumbull (Esthetician & Makeup Artist)

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