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Win a Glo Therapeutics Facial at One Salon!

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Framing Faces- But not with a Haircut

Lush lashes and well defined brows are the easiest and quickest upgrades for a more youthful appearance. here, our experts give us the scoop on the latest trending looks, new techniques, and best practices.

Q: What eyelash extension looks are trending right now?

A: The classic and volume looks are on trend. Classic lashes create definition throughout and can be as dramatic or subtle using the right diameters. Volume lashes are fluffier and fuller, leaving little visible gap in between lashes. They’re soft and tend to last longer than classic lashes-Kate Baxter, Novalash Brand Ambassador and Lash Artist

Q: What are the different curl types?

A: The most used curl types are J, B, C and on occasion D. J and B curls give the most natural look. J curls have little to no curve at the end, and are not suggested for those with downward facing lashes. B curls have the slightest curve at the end- its the universal lash that look great on everyone. C curls give the illusion of a lash curler look so they’re great for those who want a glam but natural look. D curls are for the full on glam look. This curl is sky high. I wouldn’t suggest this curl for those who have deep set eyes- Elizabeth Diaz, Lead Lash Specialist at Pucker

Q: What innovations are happening in the eyelash space?
A. LashLift, a.k.a eyelash perming, is extremely popular right now. Some estheticians  are using the treatment as an alternative or as an add on service to eyelash extensions. It’s a great option for clients who might not want eyelash extensions, but want to achieve maximum curl and lift without using an eyelash curler- Esther Bolkin, Glad Lash Founder

Come back next week for more on all you wanted to know about lash extensions!

American Salon- 2017

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The 411 on Brows

Full brows aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. “I’ve always been a firm believer in full, natural brows and I’m so happy that people are finally embracing a more natural look,” says Sania Vucetaj, brow expert and Sania’s Brow Bar founder. “Full brows are universally more flattering.” And for clients seeking a more lasting solution than pencils, powders and gels can provide, there’s microblading…” “Eyebrow microblading is a method of tattooing that leaves tiny, natural looking hair strokes applied manually with a microblading pen.” [From: American Salon]

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