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Glo Has Reinvented Itself Here at One Salon!

Well, not completely-it was already pretty perfect. But we do have some fancy new packaging, and products!

This week we are featuring Glo’s Lip Revival. This minty gloss will hydrate and promote the look of fuller lips. It contains almond oil, sunflower seed oil, peppermint oil (for a fresh Holiday feel, of course).

Eye shadow Techniques for all Eye Shapes

Not sure how to shadow? Here you go!

Almond eyes: Accent this perfect eye shape by concentrating a warm, mid-tone to the crease

Round eyes: Blending the shadow beyond the outer corners of the eyes will lengthen this shape. Create a cat eye with liquid eyeliner to further elongate the eye.

Close-set eyes: Create space by applying a highlighter color to the inner corners of the eyes, near the bridge of the nose. Adding a few individual eye lashes to the outer third of the eye will draw attention outward.

Slanted mono-lid: Rather than attempting to create a cut crease, it is best to concentrate color along the eyelash line by blending upward towards the crease. Highlight the eyebrow bone to create more dimension.

Full eyes: Minimize the most prominent part of the eye by concentrating the deepest shadow color at the center of the eyelid, carrying it just past the crease.

Small eyes: To make small eyes appear larger, extend the lightest shadow slightly above the upper eyelash line.

Aliesh Pierce-Dermascope