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Massive Attack

Bigger is better! Introducing Pai-Shau Opulent Volume Ritual Collection for natural looking, featherlight fullness and free-free shine. The three new products- Opulent Volume Hair Cleanser, Opulent Volume Hair conditioner an Opulent Volume Spray- are formulated with new volumizing Botanical Complex, which is made of ginseng and white nettle leaves, as well as gleditchia, extracted from the seeds of the honey locust tree. Ginseng is rich in B vitamins as well as plant-based amino acids to help stimulate the scalp; white nettle offers anti-inflammatory benefits, amino acids and minerals; and gleditschia adds volume, vitality, and shine. What’s more, patented Microemulsion Technology delivers breakthrough Signature Exotic Tea Complex, which contains potent, deep-penetrating antioxidents and nutrients, including vitamins B, C and E. All of these ingredients combine to fortify and smooth strands while protecting against the effects of thermal damage and environmental stresses, reducing frizz and extending the life of haircolor. Additionally the Opulent Volume Ritual Collection is free of gluten, parabens, sulfates, phosphates and added sodium chloride. pai shau volume

pai shau volume