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Up All Night

Biomega UP ALL NIGHT details

what it is

  • Ultra-light foam that works overtime for maximum body and lift

  • Enhanced with Omega-rich nutrients and glycerin to nurture hair for a healthier look and feel

why you should use it

  • UV protectants help keep color vibrant
  • No parabens, gluten, or sodium chloride

when to use it

  • After priming hair with a Biomega shampoo and conditioner

how much to use

  • Start with a generous amount
  • Apply extra product directly to the root area for higher level of lift and volume

how to use it

  • Dispense product into your hands and evenly distribute throughout the hair.
  • Spray additional product directly onto the root area if desired
  • Blow style hair in sections, making sure to lift the hair away from the scalp for maximum volume; continue until hair is completely dry
  • Flip head upside down and brush through hair to blend the sections and create fullness