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Shampoo 101

1. Brush it out

Before you step into the shower, brush your hair. It helps break up styling products, which makes it easier for your shampoo to do its job.

2. Detangle the easy way

For tangle-prone types, shampooing can be a pain . The solution? Get rid of the knots beforehand.

3. Saturate with water

If your hair isn’t completely wet, your shampoo won’t be as effective. Make sure to saturate hair with water thoroughly.

4. No piling hair up, please

Piling hair on top of your head means your shampoo won’t get to the place it needs to go most- the scalp. Apply shampoo to your scalp first then massage it into a lather. The suds of the shampoo will travel to the ends of your hair.

5. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

The most common problem is to use too much shampoo and not get it all rinsed out. Any leftover shampoo will leave your hair flat and can attract more dirt. Rinse thoroughly. Separate your hair where it’s thickest to allow water to do its job.