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Eye Lash Extensions

We are now offering Individual Eyelash Novalash Extensions!!

There are many benefits in choosing individual lash extensions. Lash extensions are waterproof, hypoallergenic, no clumps and create 24/7 glamorous eyes. The process takes 60-90 minutes and your result is weightless, thick and beautiful lashes. A lash cycle lasts 10-12 weeks and our lashes are typically applied to a mature lash of 5-6 weeks old making your lash extensions last anywhere from 5-8 weeks depending on that lashes individual cycle.

Come in today for a consultation with our lash specialist Christy Burns (630) 631-6329


$180 Full Glamour Set

$130 Natural Set

Follow up Appointments:

$40 at 2 Weeks

$55 at 3 weeks

$70 at 4 weeks

$90 at 5 weeks

$110 at 6 weeks