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Glo Minerals

Flawless Skin is everyone’s dream..Glo Minerals makes it a reality.

Glo Minerals is a uniquely formulated skin care line. The makeup is made up of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and the power of antioxidants. This then gives Glo Minerals the ability to cover and help correct and protect your skin.

Spring Flings

  • Bright Lines  =  Awaken your eyes with pops of color. Use a fun thin liner or electric shadow (with eyes so bold be sure to tone down cheek and lip look)
  • Bang Bang  = Springs biggest statement is a bold, blunt bang.
  • Bends  = Not quite straight, not quite a curl instead create a simple wave.
  • Great Arches  = Brows that frame your face are a timeless classic. Get them waxed and be sure to use your wonder brow.

This Year..Go Organic

All- Nutrient

certifiably organic haircolor

  • 100% Gray coverage
  • Zero fadage
  • Reconstructive color
  • Sulfate & gluten free
  • No parabens

Devoted to the research and production of sustainability, all-natural products, All-Nutrient uses revolutionary ingredients of natural origin. Made with a certified organic base of Rainforest Pequi, active Keratin proteins, and Rapeseed complex, All-Nutrient delivers shinier, more vibrant, long lasting haircolor. Natural amino acids, certified organic oils, vitamins and minerals rebuild and support the hair’s structure from within.

You Are Invitied To A Lucky Ladies Night!!!!!

Saturday March 16th from 6-8pm

Hosted by: Ami Christianson, Julie Fowler, and Christy Burns

Located at One Salon and Bridal Company

930 West Main St

Saint Charles, Il 60174

  • Spring makeup trends, complimentary application and samples! Learn from an artist.
  • Check out fashion trends from Park Lane’s new spring line!
  • Martinis and hor d’oeuvres

5 raffles including: one door prize, a gift for bringing friends, a present for who wears the most green, and two more surprise raffles!!!!

One salon introduces BlackLight lighten sytems.Get ready for the Ultimate Cool Blondes.

Dyes Make The Difference

Most lighteners on the market only use pigments in their formula to neutralize unwanted brassiness. Pigments add colour to the surface of the hair in the same way we apply make-up. The colour sticks to the skin without penetrating it. The result is a neutralization of brassiness on the surface and the return of unwanted tones after only a few shampoos.

Blacklight COOL TONED BLONDE’s formula uses pigments as well, but it also includes dyes to neutralize unwanted brassiness. Dyes penetrate the hair the same way it permanently stains fabric. The result is a more efficient and permanent neutralization for a long lasting cool toned blonde!

One Salon & Bridal Co.

One Salon & Bridal Co.

Our dedication to your beauty is paramount.

One Bridal Co.

One Bridal Co. in action

One Salon & Bridal Co.

One Salon in action.

One Salon & Bridal Co.

One Salon & Bridal Co.

Conveniently located.

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This blog includes all our latest salon news, as well as all our Bridal work.

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